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Fabricators ‘C’ the way with VEKA’s WER calculator

Fabricators ‘C’ the way with VEKA’s WER calculator
Sales and Marketing Director Colin Torley

VEKA customers have welcomed the system supplier’s bespoke downloadable Energy Ratings Calculator, which is thought to be the only one of its kind in the industry.

The sophisticated tool gives an immediate readout of the predicted WER of thousands of designs that are available using VEKA profile. It can be used as a ‘U’ Value certificate and can identify appropriate glazing units for ‘A’ ‘B’ or ‘C’ Rated windows. Being downloadable, it can be used anywhere without having to log on to the internet repeatedly whenever it is needed.

Sales and Marketing Director Colin Torley said: “There are at least 16,000 window and glazing combinations possible with VEKA profile but such versatility means the calculator must be equally versatile. Our technical team have not only achieved this but also made it simple to operate and we know from the feedback that our customers appreciate it.

“Also, as an accredited BFRC simulator, we offer a one-stop service for fabricators looking to gain WER ratings, including full simulation reports for submission to the BFRC. VEKA also provides help and guidance in setting up the necessary quality systems that are essential for any fabricator wanting to register windows with the BFRC.

VEKA has a long track record in energy saving and other environmental issues. It was the first to develop an ‘A’ Rated window, the first in the world to have a purpose-built PVC-U recycling unit and more recently signed the UK’s first major contract for windows made with recycled PVC-U.

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