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Letter to the Editor Reply to GED

Dear Ian

As you might expect we seem to have upset a number of our competitors by publishing the Edgetech Challenge – a cost comparison calculator that shows Edgetech’s Super Spacer as the most cost effective warm edge technology spacer on the market. However I’m not sure what the latest complainant is actually complaining about! A letter from GED claims the calculator is spin rather than fact and yet doesn’t offer any explanation or reasoning to back up this claim. As we’ve said several times before – publicly – we are happy to talk anyone through our calculations which comprehensively include machinery, labour and all consumables.

Edgetech is completely confident in the cost effectiveness of its complete offering over and above its competitors, which is why we have launched this calculator. Add to that the service back up we offer with two full time, highly experienced service engineers employed by Edgetech to train our customers and help them with any technical issues they might have, rather than using sub-contracted engineers with little or no experience with this type of complicated machinery or worst case scenario draft in help from 3000 miles away whilst the machine lays dormant and back orders pile up; we also offer a manual system that offers customers a back up should anything go wrong with their automated machinery; the ability for our customers to choose between all the global machinery manufacturers all with their own service departments and engineers based here in the UK to offer comprehensive support; and our 20 year warranty which is backed up by over 20 years in business and a global organisation, and you can understand why our competitors are concerned enough to spend their time rubbishing our initiatives.

GED mentions the line in Anglian which is producing 2,000 units per shift. What they don’t mention is the fact that the line that was installed at Anglian was taken from another GED customer based here in the UK, after it had gone bust. Not a very good example of cost effectiveness! It is also one of only two lines in the UK, which are only being used for own products and not resale. Edgetech doesn’t want to offer the minority a solution for large quantities we want to be accessible to the entire marketplace with tailored solutions for each company we work with. This brings us back to one of the reasons we launched our online calculator in the first place – so customers can see how they personally can benefit from the solutions we offer. So we would still encourage sealed unit manufacturers to take the Edgetech Challenge and see how much you can save!

Yours sincerely

Andy Jones
Managing Director

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