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New England Products Innovates with Celutex

New England Products Innovates with Celutex
A recent project completed by New England Products

Kent based PVC roofline and cladding installer New England Products has developed an innovative garden product using Celuform’s Celutex, the lightweight, shiplap embossed PVC-UE building cladding board.

The DIY and garden market doubled from £8.7 billion in 1993 to £16 billion in 2003, and is expected to increase to £21.2 billion by 2008. The garden is increasingly seen to be an extension of the home as the trend in outdoor living continues. Making our gardens look good has never been so important. Andy Jarrett, Partner of New England Products, explains how he came up with the idea of a new range of specialist garden products for the homeowner: “Myself and my partner Paul Searles knew gardens were a popular area of investment for homeowners and at the same time we knew Celutex had far more potential than its intended use as a cladding board, so we set about developing our existing range of garden products. These specialist garden products provide a much needed storage solution for homeowners and can be adapted to hide away wheelie bins, compost or any other garden items. The boxes come in standard sizes but can be tailored by colour, opening mechanism and size to suit individual needs. For example one of our most recent orders was from a nursery needing more storage for toys in the playground.

“I started at Celuform as an apprentice finally reaching the position of Operations Director, in total working at Celuform for 26 years,” continues Andy, “so I knew when I set up my own company I would install Celuform’s roofline and cladding range. Having such an intimate knowledge of the market leading products and the right way to install them, I knew customers would be reassured by the 26 years of experience New England Products could offer. That is why customers buy from us, whether roofline, cladding or specialist products, because they are confident we know the products. But they are also reassured by the fact we use a market leading product that has been supplied to the industry for 30 years.”

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