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Pilkington Sunplus™ BIPV receives IEC Certification

Pilkington Sunplus™ BIPV receives IEC Certification

The energy-generating architectural glass, Pilkington Sunplus™ BIPV, has been accredited by the IEC, confirming the product complies with global product safety, design and quality tests.

The glass solution, by NSG Group and Solaria Corporation, has passed IEC61215 and IEC61730 certification standards, enabling it to be more easily specified and installed to help improve the sustainability of buildings.

The glass can assist with the LEED and BREEAM certification process towards a Net-Zero Building, and allow building developers to turn properties into power generating assets.

BIPV refers to a building component that can perform as a renewable energy-generating material, while being an integrated part of the building façade such as windows, spandrel glass and skylights.

Sing Koo, value added product manager, NSG Group Architectural Glass Europe, said: “Having passed this strict certification process, NSG Group’s architectural solar solutions offer our customers the greatest assurance of reliability and safety.

“Achieving IEC certification is a definitive mark of proven product readiness for architects, builders and developers. NSG Group is pleased to be able to offer the construction industry high quality BIPV products that can seamlessly replace traditional glass products on a wide variety of projects.”

Pilkington Sunplus™ BIPV is powered by Solaria’s PowerVision™ technology, an architectural solar glass solution that combines aesthetics with effective daylighting, glare control, superior thermal performance and energy generation.

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