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TuffX Processed Glass Ltd

True Self Clean Ultra-Grey is the way

True Self Clean Ultra-Grey is the way

Leading conservatory roof glass manufacturer TuffX always take the initiative by having an impressive and broad range of solar tinted glass for conservatory roofs. The use and style of conservatories has altered greatly with more people wanting to use them as a general all purpose room in their homes and not just a room which can be used when the weather is pleasant. Since the launch of the Ambience Ultra- Grey glass last year, TuffX have noticed an increase in sales for the contemporary tinted conservatory roof glass and the hype for the product keeps on growing.

TuffX now offer the Ultra-Grey glass in True Self Clean. The Self Cleaning properties uses UV rays to break down and loosen organic dirt, such as bird droppings or dirt and then it uses rain to wash the dirt away. It also spreads water evenly over its surface so that it dries off faster leaving the glass clean and with reduced streaks.

There are various benefits of the True Self Clean, which include; a 10 year guarantee, Minimal self-maintenance, works on cloudy days and during the night. The self-cleaning is available in all of the TuffX Ambience conservatory roof glass range. Allowing whatever tinted glass from the Ambience range the customer requires to come with the true self clean properties. The Ambience glass range is manufactured in house with state of the art machinery to ensure that all glass products are produced to industry standards. All glass is toughened to BSEN 12150.

The Self-cleaning Ambi Ultra-Grey defines the modernised conservatory. With the grey tint being a striking coloured glass that increases the recreational use of conservatories, especially in strong sunlight conditions. It is a market leader for its solar heat reflection which is up to 91%, coupled with exceptional light transmission properties as little as 8%. Its U Value of 1.0 maintains the heat inside, making it an environment beyond even the best of existing high performance conservatory glass. The homeowner would be setting trends with their conservatory by having the Ultra-Grey glass combined with the True Self Clean property. Allowing it to be used it all year round and having little maintenance, this has resulted in the product becoming a popular choice.

As a company that has established a reliable reputation for quality standards across the industry, TuffX is now in the privileged position of offering the widest choice of true self-cleaning, colour options in the UK from under one roof. All products are available for delivery within 5 via national UK delivery fleet and various glass products can be manufactured up to 4000mm in length.

For marketing products or more information on the TuffX range please call 0845 3400 200 or visit their website at www.tuffxglass.co.uk

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