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Andrew Wright ‘thrilled’ with Deceuninck MyBrand brochure

Andrew Wright ‘thrilled’ with Deceuninck MyBrand brochure
Andrew Wright is delighted with its new MyBrand brochure

Ayrshire fabricator Andrew Wright is the latest Deceuninck customer to raise its profile with a bespoke MyBrand brochure.

The brochure on Deceuninck’s 2800 range is totally tailored to Andrew Wright with a personalised welcome page and ‘How We Work’ section to reflect the company’s values and USPs. It includes examples of Andrew Wright’s recent projects as well as images of its impressive showroom. To build the Andrew Wright brand, the brochure uses the same palette as the company’s corporate colours, and a selection of customer testimonials add the perfect finishing touch.

MyBrand by Deceuninck is a full range of bespoke sales and marketing aids, including brochures, roll folds, POS, flyers, eshots and websites to help Deceuninck fabricators and installers built their own brand. It offers a wide choice of designs, glossy lifestyle images and contemporary colour palettes to appeal to the end user.

Andrew Wright MD Charlie Berry says: “Deceuninck’s marketing support has been second to none and we’re thrilled with our stunning new brochure. It’s a great tool for our sales team and has helped us build our brand and stand out from competitors.”

Deceuninck MD Roy Frost adds: “We launched MyBrand as a cost-effective way for fabricators and installers to develop a presence in their local area and win new business. The key is in the name – MyBrand – we’re not interested in pushing our own name, instead we want customers to develop their own brand identity to help them sell more. Feedback from customers is fantastic and we recently extended MyBrand to include even more options for personalisation”.

For Andrew Wright visit www.andrewwright.co.uk and follow @ayrshirewindows

For Deceuninck visit www.whydeceuninck.com and follow @DeceuninckUK

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