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Inbox Item - Thermobar Warm Edge Spacer Comments

Hi, Further to a recent letter submitted by Vic De Costa at Swiss Spacer, we ask that if you chose to publish it please can you publish with our comments. Please find our comments below.

Mark Hickox, Sales Director at Thermoseal Group comments: “The BFRC’s recently revised chart of approved spacer bar conductivity values has awarded Thermobar Warm Edge Spacer Tube with an even lower value of 0.16W/mK¹ with or without its gas barrier tape. This makes it the highest performing warm edge spacer tube recognised by the BFRC.

“This update is following further testing at IFT-Rosenheim. Thermoseal Group, manufacturer of Thermobar, has submitted additional samples of 15.5mm cavity Thermobar to an independent test house (IFT). These tests have proven that Thermobar (with gas barrier tape) and Thermobar LITE (without gas barrier tape) have the same test results. Please note that the type of tape used was the same in both tests and not engineered to give better conductivity values. Therefore, BFRC calculations have been altered to reflect this so that Thermobar no longer has a different value for its tape/backed plastic material. Thus, Thermobar has a universal value of 0.16W/mK for both plastic side and taped site.

“We are proud to have manufactured our own British-made product which tops the charts against other warm edge spacer tubes imported into the UK market.

“If you compare the taped bar value with the value of our nearest rival supplying a comparative structurally reinforced spacer tube, they are required to use a value of 0.29W/mK compared with our value of 0.16W/mK. This makes Thermobar the highest performance warm edge spacer tube… And it’s British!”

For further information about Thermobar warm edge spacer tube, see the online interactive presentation http://www.thermosealgroup.com/pres/ for full details and downloadable technical information. To find out about Thermoseal Group Limited and its comprehensive range of insulated glass components and machinery for glazing manufacture, call + 44 (0)121 331 3950 or visit www.thermosealgroup.com for further information. The full catalogue of Thermobar products is downloadable at http://www.thermosealgroup.com/literature.cfm?theLtID=09.

Letter to the Editor - Mark Hickox is to be congratulated - Vic De Costa, Swissspacer

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