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Nine of the first twelve firms to get top A to C energy ratings used Super Spacer®

There were some glum faces in the window industry when the BFRC first announced the basis of its new energy ratings system. It can’t be done, they said. The technology simply isn’t there to achieve anything above a ‘C’ rating, and even getting that will be a stretch, they groaned. And how will homeowners react to anything less than the best window ratings when they are used to shopping for white goods such as refrigerators sporting ‘A’ and ‘B’ ratings? No one wants second best, or third or fourth best! No matter that the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) assured them that simple competition, the urge to win and to offer what consumers wanted would spur us on - many still believed it would take several years before the industry achieved an ‘A’ or ‘B’ rating.

But now, within months, 12 window companies have achieved C or higher ratings, nine of them using leading warm edge technology Super Spacer® from Edgetech I.G. Inc. at the time of writing. Congratulations are due to all, and especially to the three firms who have crashed through the energy savings barrier with coveted ‘A’ ratings. Piper was the first to break through with a triple glazed window. And, first Tradelink and then Corby Windows achieved the apparently impossible with ‘A’ ratings on double glazed windows. It doesn’t get better than that! Who said competition doesn’t work?

But it has been a stretch - a typical British understatement! Achieving these top ratings requires the best glass, profile, gas, spacer bars, and reinforcement technology available to the industry to give their windows that extra edge. When only the best will do, it’s no surprise that nine out of the first 12 window companies, including the top three, relied on Edgetech’s warm edge Super Spacer®, the world’s only, all foam, no-metal edge-seal, to ensure their success.

News title: -    Nine of the first twelve firms to get top A to C energy ratings used Super Spacer®
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