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MD of Trims and Things: “I wouldn’t be where I am without Freefoam.”

A recent installation of Freefoam's white roofline products.

After 25 years of trading, Yorkshire-based Trims and Things has grown to be a market-leading supplier of PVC-UE roofline products and building plastics. The company prides itself on its experience-based knowledge of products, so Freefoam’s continually evolving range of products and support have been a perfect fit – and the starting point for a twenty-year relationship.

John Gough, Managing Director of Trims and Things, explains: “We’ve been using Freefoam exclusively since June 1999. We used another supplier for years, but the quality of its products had been starting to deteriorate and when we moved premises, it was an ideal opportunity to switch to Freefoam.”

This year sees John set to retire after more than 25 years at the helm of Trims and Things. He has seen many changes in the industry, but praises Freefoam’s ability to adapt and meet customers’ demands while always maintaining the high quality of its products and service.

“Freefoam has always been a progressive company and very good at listening to its customers. It was one of the first manufacturers to respond to the demand for colours and Anthracite Grey really kicked things in to gear. Offering a complete roofline package was a game-changer, and Freefoam’s product guarantees have steadily increased to today’s lifetime guarantee on white products. We’ve rarely needed to replace its product, but when this has happened, Freefoam had no qualms about providing a replacement and reimbursing the fitter for the installation. Similarly, Freefoam bent over backwards to resolve an issue I was having with deliveries at one point – they understand no-one can afford to disrupt an installation.”

John also points to the impact of technology and the internet on customers’ product knowledge as a major change in the industry. “People now are much more product-aware. Installers and even DIY-ers want to pick your knowledge on what, where and how to fit products, and it’s surprising how aware they are of the pinking problem. This means we need to be more aware too, and Freefoam is great on this front. I know if a customer came in wanting more specific details about a product, Freefoam could provide a full technical data sheet the same day. Even when you’re not directly on the phone to them, the marketing support is very useful – it’s helpful to have something you can give to customers.”

“I wouldn’t be where I am without Freefoam. Its product range and support have helped Trims and Things to grow and thrive. The product is right, the support is right, and the company is right – you can tell Freefoam’s values are central to what they do. With Freefoam, I get the sense the company cares. That is rare amongst suppliers.”

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Freefoam Plastics

Freefoam is a leading manufacturer of PVC-U and PVC-UE building products for roofline and rainwater applications including a wide range of fascias, soffits, rainwater systems, external cladding and interior decorative panelling. Freefoam’s PVC roof trim products offer house builders, local authorities, developers and installers a low-maintenance alternative to conventional timber fascia and soffit. In addition, Freefoam’s products are stylish, versatile and come in a large range of colours and designs to add style and definition to domestic and commercial buildings.

The Company was founded in Cork, Ireland in 1990 and co-ordinates manufacturing and sales for the Irish and Continental markets. Its subsidiary company in Northampton, Freefoam Plastics (U.K.) Ltd., manages the manufacturing, distribution and sales activities for the UK market. Freefoam supports the excellence and innovation of its products through its proficient and professional service, ensuring that it delivers what customers need, when they need it, and this includes service, advice and support.

Freefoam employs over 200 staff throughout Europe and considers its role within the community as vital to its success. To ensure minimal adverse effects on the local environment the manufacturing process is subjected to continual review. It operates to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards for continuous improvement across all operations, processes and procedures to ensure that its customers receive the highest level of quality and service.

In addition, Freefoam has been a leading advocate of lead-free environmentally friendly manufacturing of PVC roofline products for many years, thus enabling the Company to offer a 20 Year Extended Guarantee against discolouration on registered installations.

The Freefoam roof trim system is certified by both the British and Irish Agreement Boards (the BBA and IAB).

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