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Tradelink Offers Team Leader Training

Tradelink is a trade fabricator with 20 years experience of serving installers needs and has recently announced that a long standing training programme for its team leaders is about to move on to the next level. Managing Director of the fabricator, Jim Moody explains: "All members of our team are continuously improving their performance by undergoing various training programmes - many of which are the equivalent of, or exceed the requirements of NVQ official qualifications. This latest part of the programme for the team leaders will take 12 months to complete and is extremely comprehensive with topics such as leadership, motivation and how to identify non value added tasks. We have 36 team leaders across the company –mainly hardworking and committed operators within the workforce – so this isn’t a small investment for us to make, but one that we believe is completely worthwhile. Just as in the automotive industry, where World Class techniques are employed to the nth degree, Tradelink is always looking for even the smallest of improvements in time or cost saving, with the end result of improved efficiencies being passed on to the customer on an ongoing basis. It is the team leaders’ responsibility to assess the operations they are directly involved in and identify ways we can do things better and communicate that to the management team, so it’s essential they are aware of all the ways to eliminate waste and consistently add value to what we do.

"Tradelink is a world class manufacturer so it is vital that our products, services, machinery and people are always improving. This training programme is the latest example of us doing just this."

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Tradelink has over 20 years of experience of understanding installers’ businesses and as a result has developed a one stop shop supplying everything installers want and need. It was one of the original advocates of the commercial benefits of selling energy rated windows.

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