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Steel windows are double glazed

Now available from members of the Steel Window Association, W40 windows provide continuity of style with the same casement sightlines as the established W20 range but the 40mm wide profiles permit even more effective double glazing with 26mm thick units.

The insulating glass units are drained and ventilated in accordance with modern best practice and can be gasket glazed to ensure consistent neatness and reliability of seal.

In addition to improved thermal performance, weathertightness is significantly enhanced and fittings can be less obtrusive with variable geometry hinges, friction pivots and multi-point locking cremone bolts concealed within the profiles.

W40 windows achieve the Secured by Design standard and they are “green” too. The source of steel billet, rod and strip, from which steel window profiles are formed, is basic steel smelted from almost 100% recycled steel scrap. When steel windows are finally replaced, the original windows can be systematically dismantled and the frames, fittings and glass recycled. The credentials of steel windows are recognised by the Building Research Establishment’s ‘Green Guide’ which gives them an above average B rating.

For more information on W40 steel windows call the Steel Window Association on 0844 249 1355, email info@steel-window-association.co.uk, or look at website www.steel-window-association.co.uk.

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