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Mochnik Company in Poland receives first eco’lamiline from Bystronic glass

First eco’lamiline for the production of all types of premium laminated glasses

By purchasing the line for the production of laminated glass, Mochnik has opened up a new business arena for itself. Previously, the company primarily supplied domestic and international customers with single pane safety glass as well as complying with customer wishes, by producing ground and drilled glasses. Mochnik is now expanding its product range whilst at the same time aiming at the construction sector. "As we have seen an increased demand for laminated glass over the course of recent years, we made a decision at the beginning of 2010 to invest in a production unit", reports Artur Mochnik who goes on to say: "Bystronic glass, famous for its premium, modern machines quickly came into consideration as a potential supplier." After comprehensive consultatative meetings, the final decision for a laminated glass line was made on the Bystronic glass stand at glasstec 2010: Artur Mochnik and his Technical Plant Manager Tomasz Piechaczek were amazed by the eco’convect pre-nip, the core of the eco’lamiline that was presented for the very first time there." As we had the clear aim from the very beginning of manufacturing laminated glass in many varying sizes together with special constructions from the new unit, this revolutionary production technology came along at just the right moment for us", explains Tomasz Piechaczek.

eco’lamiline in Opole in the South-West of Poland since August 2011. With the aid of the Easy-Lift handling system from Bystronic glass, the glass plates are positioned on to the tilt table which is positioned at the laminated line inlet. The glass passes through the washing machine and disappears from the view of the observer located in front of the unit and into the clean room. Due to the U-shaped structure of the production, a horizontal suction frame transfers the glass at this point onto the adjacent positioning table before the film from one of the twelve film rolls is placed onto the glass and can be appropriately cut. As soon as this has been completed, the suction frame also lifts the freshly washed cover glass over and positions it identically on top of the first glass lite. The glass-film-glass package then moves out of the clean room and into the eco’convect pre-nip. An automatic measurement of the glass package thickness and width takes place on its inlet table, to which the settings of the pre-nip are automatically adjusted.

eco’convect, a dynamic high performance convection system takes care of a homogeneous heating of the glasses. The dynamic heat transfer during the heating process quickly and effectively heats the most different of glass constructions. Thanks to the innovative radiant heater technology, the eco’convect consumes up to 50 percent less energy than comparable machines. After heating, the press system creates an equally high, uniform pressure and therefore ensures an ideal ventilation of the glass-film-glass packages. The new profile of the presses is especially suitable for shaped formats and multifunctional glasses. Complex glass constructions can be reproduced easily via the Laminoptic formulation management system. "The most different of models, shapes and constructions can be quickly and simply produced on the eco’lamiline ", reports Tomasz Piechaczek who is also particularly taken with the easy operation of the unit, which even for the most untrained staff members it is easy for them to familiarise themselves with this system. "In addition to the perfect control, the impressive speed of the line and the quality of the end products were of great significance with regard to our decision", says the Technical Plant Manager.

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