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Tradelink Kaizen Event Proves a Success

Tradelink, the trade fabricator with 19 years experience in understanding installers’ needs has completed its latest Kaizen event, this time in the maintenance department of the organisation as Jim Moody, Tradelink’s Managing Director explains: “As a World Class Manufacturer we hold regular Kaizen events to formalise continuous improvement throughout the organisation. This time it was the turn of the maintenance department who achieved significant annual savings and increased productivity by 30%.

“Similar to all our Kaizen events, the maintenance staff was joined by colleagues from other departments to form the Kaizen event team tasked with working together for five days to review their area, agree how it can be improved and make the changes to put the improvements in place. This time the considerations included how to best use the space they occupy, how various items should be stored, how much time is spent looking for products and identification of Health and Safety improvements. Some of the changes the team made included introducing a new way for the factory to order small tools and updating relevant operating procedures to save time. The collective result of which saw a 30% improvement in productivity, an 8% saving in the amount of floor space being used by the department and a 50% reduction in the distance team members have to travel to complete their daily tasks. All of this was in addition to the health and safety improvements made and the improvement to the customer service the department can offer other members of the Tradelink team.

“Tradelink’s Kaizen events highlight the importance we place on World Class Manufacturing and continuous improvement. It requires a change in mind set and the way you operate your entire organisation. Even if you have the best intentions, most companies find it difficult to prioritise improving how they do things on a day to day basis – it’s difficult enough trying to keep your head above water and make ends meet in today’s market, let alone take time out to see how you could do things better – but at Tradelink, continuous improvement is an integral part of how our business is run.”

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Tradelink has over 20 years of experience of understanding installers’ businesses and as a result has developed a one stop shop supplying everything installers want and need. It was one of the original advocates of the commercial benefits of selling energy rated windows.

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