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Multibeam, multipurpose

In response to the increased demand for larger openings in conservatories and to cater for additional loadings through new designs, Prefix Systems has launched the multipurpose, Multibeam.

The first generation eaves beams were not designed to cater for large openings, yet the more recently developed heavy duty sections add additional cost in areas of the conservatory that don’t need the extra structural stability. Multibeam is used where it’s most needed on conservatories from most of the leading systems companies and can be integrated within new installations or on existing ones, to reduce bounce and deflection.

Multibeam is perfectly suited for bi-folding door openings and can be run across one side of the conservatory. It has reduced sightlines, provides identical returns for more uniform aesthetics and eliminates the need for any window frame add-ons. It can also be used to integrate vertically sliding sash windows into conservatories and also for gable ends to add additional structural integrity.

The role of the conservatory fabricator is now changing, as the market clearly matures for new installations and the replacement market starts to open up. Prefix has already taken a lead in this area with new structural products such as Multibeam and the RetroFix system for replacement conservatories, along with additional coloured options and new innovations from Ultraframe.

Chris Baron and Chris Cooke, directors of Prefix, are keen to see the conservatory market evolve: “The market has clearly changed and so too has the role of the conservatory fabricator. We believe we’re helping shape the future direction of the sector by investing in product development, which was once seen as the sole domain of the systems companies and Multibeam and Retrofix are the result of our ongoing work.”

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Prefix Systems (UK)

Prefix Systems is the UK’s largest independent fabricator of conservatory roofs with a history that dates back to 1996. Run by Chris Baron and Chris Cooke, the leading Ultraframe fabricator operates from a head office in Clayton-Le-Moors, Lancashire and from two further manufacturing sites in Northamptonshire and Swansea.

Prefix is the only conservatory fabricator in the UK with a number of regional fabrication facilities which provides the necessary expertise for the local market and the added support that goes with it. Prefix was arguably the first fabricator in the UK to provide a wide range of laminated colours which now extends to 10, along with a unique cast iron effect for gutters.

The company also has considerable expertise in portal frames and in the retro-fit market. There is an estimated replacement market of 3million conservatories and with their Retro-fix and Multibeam products developed with Window Widgets, Prefix is set to take a lead in addressing this important market sector.

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