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Construction marketing specialists Balls2 Marketing is sponsoring the “Stand out to be outstanding” seminar in Derby. Myles Downey, one of Europe’s leading performance coaches, is the keynote speaker. Sarah Ball, Director of Balls2 Marketing, is speaking alongside Myles. She is talking about creativity in marketing.

“Balls2 Marketing thinks information can be given free of charge to give businesses an opportunity to look at new ideas,” says Sarah. “That’s why we believe its right to sponsor events alongside other likeminded companies.

“In times of recession the construction industry is hit harder than most. Many companies retreat into the middle ground where it feels safe. But companies that do exceptionally well in tough times are the ones that think and act differently.

“The Stand out to be outstanding seminar is aimed at directors, top managers and owners of businesses that want to create a secure future. For more information about the seminar go to www.myvbook.com/vbook/1ef0da23/

Sarah adds: “Companies who want to grow in the current market need to look at new ideas. Balls2 Marketing is delighted to be playing its part in this exciting seminar.”

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