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Tradelink’s Great Eight!

Tradelink, the fabricator with 19 years experience of understanding installers’ needs, is dedicated to continuous improvement as part of the World Class Manufacturing philosophy it employs companywide. Proof of how seriously the company takes this approach is evident in its eighth consecutive BSI audit pass with absolutely no non-conformities and not a single observation. Jim Moody, Managing Director of the company comments: “The team at Tradelink were thrilled when we had just a few BSI audit passes in a row with no non-conformities but to get to number eight with the same high standard of pass is a great reward for everyone. It’s a testament to the whole team that we have demonstrated such a high level of quality in all areas of the entire organisation. Of course none of us are perfect – it’s human nature that mistakes happen and things go wrong, but what’s essential in Tradelink’s unique culture is to identify any problems immediately and ensure they are corrected before they have any effect of the customer. The very nature of World Class Manufacturing means that we won’t be sitting back and assuming we are doing everything right from now on, but rather will continue to develop and improve our customers’ experience of Tradelink, to ensure the next BSI audit in six months time, will deliver the same great result.”

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Tradelink has over 20 years of experience of understanding installers’ businesses and as a result has developed a one stop shop supplying everything installers want and need. It was one of the original advocates of the commercial benefits of selling energy rated windows.

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