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The Future for Sales and Marketing of Building Materials

“There is no denying that things remain difficult in the building industry and as a result companies continue to try to make cost savings by giving their existing sales teams bigger regions to cover,” says Tony Crutcher of new Sales and Marketing Consultancy firm, Tony Crutcher Ltd. “They rely on telemarketing to keep in regular contact with customers in order to make substantial cutbacks in personnel. And while this isn’t ideal, it’s absolutely necessary to tighten the purse strings while demand for our products is uncertain. The problem is, these kinds of cut backs are also likely to lead to your customers feeling increasingly disillusioned with you. They’re operating in the same tough market and need the reassurance of their suppliers and many of the distribution and construction companies I’ve spoken to in recent months miss the personal contact from their suppliers’ sales representatives. Tony Crutcher Ltd can help companies bridge this gap by offering senior level sales advice and representation on a part time basis, making it more affordable in the current climate.

“Of the companies that understand the need for marketing, some believe they need to use large inner city PR and advertising agencies to manage their promotional activities. Then as times get tough, these functions are one of the first to be cut because of course these kinds of agencies come with a big price tag. But bigger isn’t always better and there are some great alternatives out there that can work equally as well, if not better. Tony Crutcher Ltd brings together a team of people that are specialists in their field, whether PR, advertising, design, IT, Estimators, or Search Engine Optimisation, but all of which remain competitively priced. When you’ve got a business to run you haven’t always got the time to manage the resources you have most effectively. Tony Crutcher Ltd can assume the role of co-ordinating all of these resources to get the maximum benefit out of each element.

“In addition to hands on sales and marketing support, Tony Crutcher Ltd has the expertise to offer input on the overall sales strategy, provide guidance on your marketing plans and give advice on how to adapt your resources to ensure you keep existing customers happy while convincing new companies to switch to your product - I won a Construction Marketing Award on behalf of my last employer for the Most Customer Focussed Approach to New Business. I have worked in the timber and PVC-U and PVC-UE sectors with House Builders, Local Authorities, Distributors and Installers and I have represented Sales and Marketing on the boards of two successful building product manufacturers. As a result I understand the sector, supply chains and the tools that encourage companies to buy.”

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Tony Crutcher Ltd

An award winning marketing with a specialist knowledge of the construction sector, Tony Crutcher has worked in sales and marketing since 1986.

Formerly marketing director of Latium Building Products, Tony opened up a complete new market and took sales from nothing to £4M P.A. in just 18 months and with a gross margin in excess of 60%.

Tony Crutcher Ltd is supported by a very capable group of specialists some of whom have worked with him since 1992, specialising in IT, web design, print, SEO, web tracking, PR, marketing communications and estimating.

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