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CENSolutions Reports Increase in Part 3 Testing

CENSolutions, the leading consultancy and test facility for the window, door and glazing industries, has reported a clear trend in more companies submitting sealed units for EN1279:3 testing. Wayne Rogerson, Joint Managing Director of CENSolutions comments: “We expected this to happen following the implementation of the revised building regulations pushing companies towards more energy efficient products, because of course Part 3 of EN1279 relates to gas leakage from a sealed unit. Similarly the amount of companies looking to submit their units for EN1279:2 testing (moisture penetration) is reducing. Although some sealed unit manufacturers, or fabricators making their own sealed units, may decide it’s not worth the time and expense to upgrade their products in line with the new regulations, the majority still want to keep control of their own destiny. Now approaching our 600th type test, we believe we are the biggest provider of Part 2 & 3 type testing in the UK through our preferred Notified Body Testing Partner TÜV/TNO in the Netherlands. It’s interesting to keep track of the number and type of tests we have submitted since 2006 as an indication of how things have changed. Of the 147 tests we submitted in 2010, just 30 were for Part 2 and 117 were for Part 3. Back in 2006 when the testing with TÜV/TNO was established, we conducted 101 tests for Part 2 in the final six months of the year.

“Despite these statistics, there still seems to be a lot of confusion in the market about what standards companies need to comply with. Sealed unit manufacturers that are filling their units with gas need to pass EN1279 Part 3 and all sealed unit companies need to pass EN1279 Part 2 and comply with the ongoing requirements as stipulated in EN1279 Parts 5 & 6. This may require some investment but it might not be as much as some sealed unit manufacturers may think. It also may not be as difficult to achieve as some perceive it to be. When EN1279 was introduced there were some public discussions about how difficult Part 3 in particular was to pass. But suppliers’ technology and expertise have moved on and cost effective support to help ensure, as far as possible, a first time pass is now available. It’s important that we continue to drive our industry standards forward, but to do this we must ensure that our products meet, if not exceed, existing legislation.”

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