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Derw Glass Ltd joins Certass TRR IGU fabricators scheme

Derw Glass Ltd is pleased to announce its membership of the Certass TRR IGU Fabricators scheme. As a member, the company will be able to supply customers with a default hard coat IGU to enable quick and easy achievement of a Window Energy Rating (WER) hence compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations.

Sales Manager for Derw Glass Ltd, Ms Ceri Stranaghan explained, “Customers had been struggling with an easy way to comply with the new regulations and had therefore opted for the soft coat default solution announced last summer. Many of our customers wanted to be able to continue using Pilkington K Glass™. So, the new scheme was great news for us because Pilkington energiKare™ Plus meets this default specification.”

Jason Clemmit, Managing Director of Certass TRR confirmed “We are providing free entry for Pilkington energiKare™ qualifying IGU Processors into the IGU Fabricators scheme for six weeks from January 17 2011. With the IGU Fabricators scheme, WER Band C is taken as default if the IGU contained in the window comprises; hard coat low e glass, low iron glass, 90% argon gas filling, a minimum 16mm warm edge spacer bar and Certified manufacture under BS EN 1279-2 and BS EN 1279-3.”

Certass has also agreed to reduce the Installer registration fee to £25 which will enable companies to achieve a WER C, when registered through the IGU supplier. Window company customers can register with Certass to take part in the scheme and use either the IGU company approval or apply for their own Window Energy Rating label for a nominal fee.

Tony Smith, Market Development Manager, Pilkington Building Products UK, said “We are delighted that Derw Glass Ltd is involved with this hard coat default solution. Pilkington energiKare™ Plus in appropriate framing systems will enable windows to exceed current Government regulations. Forward looking window companies will recognise that the Pilkington energiKare™ Plus default IGU make up is a premium product and could actually achieve a Band B or A in most framing systems. Therefore Pilkington continues to recommend obtaining a full simulation in order to demonstrate the excellent performance of their windows to householders.”

For more information, contact Sales Manager, Ms Ceri Stranaghan on 07584 341244

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