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Vista panels comply with Part L – official

Vista Group Plc, one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of PVCu door panels and composite doors, has just released details of a study to determine the ‘u’ values of its Elegance Range of PVCu door panels.

The results of this study shows conclusively that Vista’s PVCu door panels conform to the requirements of Building Regulations Document L which states that doors must reach or exceed a ‘u’ value of 1.8.

This research has been independently verified by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BRFC) after thorough testing by a BFRC approved simulator. A full list of all ‘u’ values can be obtained from Vista’s sales office.

Commenting on the significance of these test results, Vista’s MD Keith Sadler said: “These independent results prove beyond any doubt that our door panels comply with the ‘U’ value requirements of Document L. It had been inferred in the trade press by Nick Dutton of Doorstop International, that PVCu door panels have had their day. He questioned whether PVCu door panels could or would comply. Well now we have the proof. Vista panels do comply. As a manufacturer of door panels and composite doors we feel that both products have their merits and both have a place within the market.”

He continues: “In response to Nick Dutton’s recent letter regarding the halving of a leading door panel manufacturers guarantee from 10 to 5 years, I would like to point out that Vista Panels are NOT reducing our guarantee. We still offer 10 years on both white and woodgrain panels. That hasn’t changed and will not change. He shouldn’t tar all of the panel industry with the same brush.”

“Vista Panels have been in business and been profitable for 15 years. Our door panels hold BBA accreditation (one of only three UK panel manufacturers to do so) and we know through independent testing that our panels stand the test of time.”

He concludes: “Mr Dutton appears to suggest that all door panels are basically the same and that they all carry inherent faults. Sorry, but that’s just not true. Vista has and continues to invest heavily in award winning products. We hold: BBA, ENISO9001, ENISO14001, ENISO18001, PAS 23/ 24 and Secure by Design.

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Vista Group (Vista Panels)

Vista Group Plc is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of PVCu door panels and GRP composite doors.

Established in 1995 and operating from a state-of-the-art factory facility in Merseyside, Vista Panels is one of the UK’s leading uPVC panel and composite door manufacturers. Vista manufacture around 1,800 uPVC panels and 500 GRP composites per week, supplying across the UK and into Europe.

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