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Spectus’ Assimilation Team – the Spectus A-Team are revolutionising the way the industry does business. Long gone are the days of salesmen popping over for a cup of tea and a chat about whether you have enough PVC-U for the week; the Spectus A-Team are now working harder and smarter to drive enquiries into their customers’ hands.

Spectus’ new sales and marketing technique looks directly at helping Spectus customers to reach out to their audience; guiding them with their marketing needs and growing their network, giving them more access to technical advice and both face-to-face and telephone support.

“Our change in strategy came from us taking a step back and looking for what each customer, and ultimately the industry, needs. We realised that only by working closely with one another, can we provide our fabricator partners with the tools to deliver an A rated service.” Explains Spectus’ Sales and Marketing Director, David Oliver, “In layman’s terms, we are sourcing direct sales for our customers; in order to create a bigger need for them to specifically purchase our diverse range of products.”

Spectus Window Systems are dedicated to helping customers create an awareness of who they are and what they do well in their own markets. Spectus hope that by demonstrating the benefits fabricators can gain from working within their team structure, the industry will benefit from an increase in good working relationships.

David continues, “Our customers are the only ones who can help us refine our processes by offering their valued feedback and in return we are guiding leads, that we have generated through marketing support and PR, into their business. There has been an overwhelmingly positive response from the customers we have worked with, on the initial trials of our scheme; and we now have many more scheduling appointments to see what we can do for them. At the end of the day, we endeavour to provide and support.”

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Spectus Systems, is a Epwin Window Systems brand

Spectus Systems is a market-leading manufacturer of PVC-u window and door systems. Widely recognised as having the best and most complete range on the market, its products have been installed in millions of properties.

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