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Spectus Window Systems’ revolutionary foiling policy, ‘Spectrum,’ increases company’s foiling sales seven-fold

Expert manufacturer of PVC windows and door systems, Spectus Window Systems, is leading the industry with the launch of its revolutionary foiling policy, ‘Spectrum’.

With Spectrum, Spectus Window System’s fabricators and installers will not incur charges or face restrictions such as minimum quantities when ordering foiled profiles. With just a 21 day lead time for orders, the new foiling policy applies to all products, including Elite 70, Elite 63 and even Vertical Sliders, providing professional fabricators and installers with a more efficient, flexible and cost-effective option to meet their customers’ requirements.

“We’re committed to continually improving the service we provide and Spectrum, which was created as a result of customer feedback, is the latest addition to our suite of customer support initiatives,” says David Oliver, sales and marketing at Spectus Window Systems. “With many other companies placing an increasing number of restrictions on foiling orders, Spectrum places us firmly at the forefront of our industry. To date, the policy has been very successful and has boosted our sales seven-fold.”

Spectus Window Systems has the most comprehensive set of profiles on the market and with 40 colour foiling options — including grey, red, green, brown and pastel shades — the company is best placed to help its fabricators tender for practically any job and match any building’s existing colour scheme.

To ensure it can accommodate projects with a swift turnaround, Spectus Window Systems holds an array of popular colours in stock, enabling installers to complete jobs with a short lead time. As well as 40 the free foiling options, customers of Spectus Window Systems can choose from an extra 15 colours for a small surcharge.

David continued: “As there are no charges on an unprecedented 40 foils, many of which are kept in stock, Spectrum provides our customers with a highly competitive offering.

“We’re pleased to say it has already helped our fabricators and installers to expand their businesses by allowing them to take on more varied projects and complete them much more quickly — all without incurring an extra charge.”

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Spectus Systems, is a Epwin Window Systems brand

Spectus Systems is a market-leading manufacturer of PVC-u window and door systems. Widely recognised as having the best and most complete range on the market, its products have been installed in millions of properties.

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