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Wave of interest in Hurst printed glass designs

There has been unprecedented interest in Hurst’s unique range of printed glass designs since the company launched the exciting concept at the end of 2009.

Hurst has taken enquiries from all over the world for its designs, which were launched to satisfy the growing demand from homeowners who want to truly personalise their door with a superb quality glass design of their choice.

Mark Atkinson, sales director at Hurst Plastics, says: “We have been delighted by the enormous wave of interest both in the UK and overseas that this totally new concept has attracted. It has been popular because, for the first time ever, it means that the homeowner is no longer confined by the standard glass designs which are currently on offer for doors. They can use any image they like to create a door that’s 100 per cent personal to them and create something really special as an entrance into their home.”

Using the very latest developments in printing technology, homeowners can now cost effectively personalise their entrance way with a high quality and durable glass design of their own creation. The truly bespoke glass design uses any high resolution, digital jpeg image which is then resized to fit the glass area of the chosen Hurst door panel or composite door design before a printer reproduces it onto the glass.

Capable of printing in colour, black and white or sepia, the printer replicates the superior quality and sharpness of the chosen image exactly, resulting in a stunning piece of glass that carries a 75 year life-fast guarantee.

The designs are available on standard lead times and Hurst offers its usual performance guarantee on the door itself.

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