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Instant Expertise on Plastics, Processing and Properties

Bristol, 26th April 2010. Plastics Information Direct, the technical book publishing division of Applied Market Information Ltd., has just published a brand new book entitled The Instant Expert: Plastics, Processing and Properties.

For years, non-specialists have asked for a simple book to help them understand the complex world of plastics. The publishers believe this is that book.

Plastics sector managers, sales personnel, industry newcomers, designers, chemicals suppliers, compounders and end-users are all confronted with a bewildering range of technology and terminology by their colleagues, customers and suppliers. Many more industry professionals only come into contact with plastics from time to time, in spite of the huge volumes used in sectors such as construction, electronics and packaging. Everyone with a brief including recycling and sustainability needs to understand why and how certain plastics materials are used. This book has been written for all these people and more! However, it also contains a wealth of useful information for the plastics technologist who wants a broader perspective or a quick answer, with useful appendices of common terminology, abbreviations, standards and further information resources.

The book contains clear descriptions of the wide range of plastic materials, shaping and finishing processes. It also examines materials properties and testing, and provides some typical examples of why particular plastics are used in common or more challenging applications.

The author, Vannessa Goodship, has previously written several well-regarded introductory books on plastics processing and recycling. She draws upon practical experience gained whilst working in the plastics industry, and also in her current position within the prestigious Warwick Manufacturing Group at the University of Warwick, UK.

Publishers Plastics Information Direct specialise exclusively in books for the professional reader working in or with the plastics industry. They also have an online bookshop, www.pidbooks.com , offering the broadest possible selection of plastics-related titles sourced from large and small publishers.

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