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Saint-Gobain glass launches its conservatory ‘family’ of high performance glasses

Saint-Gobain Glass has added two new products to form what the company says is the most comprehensive collection of specialist conservatory glass products available in the UK market. The Saint-Gobain Glass Conservatory range offers choice and flexibility, consistent high performance, superb quality and environmental manufacturing credentials that will have increasing relevance in today’s eco-sensitive retail markets.

The glasses and their variants are produced using the highly sophisticated Magnetron coater installed at Saint-Gobain Glass’s Yorkshire plant. This, combined with the products being produced within the UK, offers consistent, flexible and reliable supply as sales build during the key selling season for conservatories. Sourcing from the same plant also guarantees a consistent appearance and performance when installed.

Rachel Appleyard, Saint-Gobain Glass UK’s Market Manager for the Conservatory family says that sales of the company’s conservatory glass are expected to dominate the market in the UK this year: “We now lead the market with low E glass and intend to do the same with high performance conservatory glass. It has been shown that using high performance glass units to sell conservatories is very effective, which is why we will back up our drive this year with marketing materials to help retailers clinch higher value sales.”

Rachel refers to a range of literature, posters, post cards and advertisements designed to promote the performance and aesthetics of Saint-Gobain’s high performance conservatory glasses. The range includes:

SGG COOL-LITE a solar control glass, which blocks up to 2/3 of solar heat by reflecting it to the outside, whilst retaining excellent light transmission to offer the best of all worlds for a conservatory. It is ideal for conservatory roofs or south facing patio doors to help keep the interior cooler during hot summer months, whilst also reduces glare. The combination of SGG COOL-L1TE in a glass unit with SGG Planitherm provides superb high performance whatever the time of year.

SGG BIOCLEAN remains highly popular amongst conservatory buyers who immediately appreciate not only the huge reduction in the chore of keeping their conservatory clean, but also the excellent appearance the product offers all year round as a result. Soon to be available is the NEW SGG BIOCLEAN Bronze designed specifically with timber frame conservatories in mind.

SGG BIOCLEAN® COOL-LITE ST is a dual coated product that combines self-cleaning with an effective solar control function. The permanent self-cleaning coating on face 1 will not reduce in performance over time, like other “easy-clean” products. The combination of UV light and rain help to keep the external surface clean in a continuous process.

Up to 63% of solar heat gain is prevented from entering the conservatory in the meantime, reducing the need for air conditioning or blinds, whilst glare is also significantly reduced, further enhancing comfort.

SGG BIOCLEAN® COOL-LITE AQUA GREEN is a NEW high performance glass for conservatory roof applications. The first of its kind and unique in the UK market it offers excellent solar control where it is needed the most, blocking up to 78% of solar heat gain. SGG BIOCLEAN® COOL-LITE AQUA GREEN has been developed and manufactured specifically for the UK and may be combined with SGG PLANITHERM for unbeatable performance all year round.

SGG PLANITHERM® 45 is a new concept in conservatory glazing designed to extend the usability of British conservatories and thus their desirability as a true extension of living space in a home. SGG PLANITHERM® 4S offers year round comfort, keeping a conservatory warm in winter and cool in summer. It offers unbeatable thermal insulation, with up to 63% less heat loss compared to ordinary double glazing, whilst also reflecting up to 78% of the sun’s heat during the summer. A significant reduction in solar glare also improves comfort for occupants whilst a neutral appearance gives the glass an excellent appearance.

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