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Network VEKA supports launch of safe French door innovation

Network VEKA is currently supporting entrepreneurs David Halliday and Michael McGrory in promoting their innovative new product 'Sunbreeze'. It effectively secures open French doors, preventing them from blowing shut and causing injuries.

Michael explains, “Our research revealed the startling fact that a closing door can exert up to 40 tons of pressure per square inch between the hinges. This may explain why 40,000 children under 15 visit hospital every year with finger injuries. 1,500 of those need reconstructive surgery or even amputation.

The cleverly designed and easy-to-fit Sunbreeze product provides a solution. It bridges double doors by attaching to the top of them with clamps, preventing them from closing unexpectedly. As well as reducing the chance of injury, Sunbreeze also prevents expensive damage to hinges, door frames, glass and brickwork caused when open doors are caught by sudden gusts of wind.”

A simple but effective structure, Sunbreeze consists of an elongated powder coated Aluminium extrusion bar, with fully adjustable clamps enabling the bar to fit almost all size doors.

Sunbreeze has been picked for the finals of the Self Build Product Innovation Awards, achieving 'Highly Commended' in the Exteriors and Landscaping category.

Available with an awning which can be customised to any design, Sunbreeze can also be ordered with a soft insect net and LED lights to offer ambient lighting.

The durable Sunbreeze mechanism is being offered to the Network VEKA membership at a preferential rate. Network VEKA MD John Ogilvie explains, “Network VEKA is always on the lookout for new products to help our members gain a competitive sales edge. To be 'highly commended' in the Self Build Awards is an impressive achievement and it seems that Sunbreeze would be a valuable addition to any installer's product portfolio.”

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