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'Optimum use of Aluminium and Composite Systems'

Specifiers material options for windows, doors and curtain wall systems have never been broader. The specifier can choose between the main framing materials of aluminium, timber, PVC and steel or opt for a growing number of composite systems of various materials.

For high rise and predominantly commercial applications, aluminium remains one of the most popular choices for the specifier giving a long service life with virtually 100% recyclability many times over. Improved polyamide thermal breaks allow systems to meet the most stringent insulation requirements.

Over the last decade aluminium timber composite systems have become very popular. Timber offers improved insulation with a natural and ‘warm’ internal finish, timber also helps lock away carbon from our atmosphere making it a good ‘green’ product to use. But specifiers should be aware that the selection process does not need to be an ‘either or’ decision.

With the majority of composite systems opting for an aluminium external weathering material it is quite easy to mix material choices within a commercial or residential application and still maintain a uniform appearance from outside the building.

Main, high traffic, entrances are best specified using aluminium commercial doors. Utility rooms, manufacturing areas and laboratories, again aluminium internally would be a preferential and hard wearing finish. But when we are looking at offices, board rooms and living spaces, a timber appearance could be better suited. Importantly the specifier can make the choice in conjunction with the client for various areas of the project.

Senior Architectural Systems provide both Aluminium systems and an award winning composite system known as ‘Hybrid’. Seniors’. Fabricators can seamlessly join these systems to make best use of each of the systems qualities whilst maintaining similar external sight lines and uniform finish. An all British design, the complete range of systems are available in stock in the UK and can be fabricated with the minimum of investment in new machinery. Further information about Senior Architectural Systems products and services can be found at www.seniorarchitectural.co.uk or by phoning their Head Office in Doncaster on 01709 772600.

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