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frameXpress introduces higher standards with energy efficient benefits

Leading pvc-u window and door manufacturer, framexpress has made strident moves regarding the introduction energy efficient products and recycling methods at the Telford based headquarters. The company is now producing a wider range of low maintenance windows and doors that are strong, durable and energy efficient.

Using new recycled composite material (RCM) reinforcement the company is providing customers with not only added product benefits in respect of energy efficiency but also added sales benefits for the home owner including reducing the amount of energy lost from the home.

With new RCM reinforcement frameXpress is producing recycled products which provide many benefits and eliminate substantial labour costs involved in the recycling process. RCM reinforcements incorporate recycled material which replace steel and aluminium sections in window fabrication.

Windows that have been strengthened with the RCM can be completely recycled which saves time and reduces costs and it produces a higher window energy rating. Using RCM the frameXpress range has excellent insulation values of -0.17W/mk by comparison to traditional reinforcement materials such as steel (50 W/mk) and aluminium (160 W/mk).

Senior management at frameXpress believe that these benefits will greatly help customers to sell to the consumer as the products will make homes warmer and more comfortable. Additionally with so much focus being placed on carbon emissions the new RCM helps to reduce energy consumption and consequently frameXpress is delivering a better quality of recycled material.

Mark Westbrook Director at frameXpress comments: “frameXpress is committed to minimising the impact of production on the environment. We consider that it is vital to evaluate all methods to help reduce carbon emissions, as such we are doing all we can to reduce waste and recycle where possible.

RCM also has many benefits over traditional reinforcements as is it does not corrode or oxidize where steel reinforcements can if cut and left exposed. Additionally RCM can be welded which increases the corner weld strength by 20% and provides a great screw pullout value than steel.”

Mark concludes, “In this business, ultimately the end-user is king which means they will focus on not only the quality of the product but also the measurable values that it will provide to the home. Also whilst cost is a high factor, today homeowners are keen to know that the products they are having installed are ‘green’ and energy efficient. frameXpress believes that the RCM reinforcement is an important development in the manufacturing process as it provides greater efficiency and is a great benefit for our customers”

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