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Comar 2 window walling framing system

Comar 2, thermally efficient aluminium window walling, provides everyday solutions for a cost effective low rise alternative to curtain waling, and additional profiles are continually being added to this market leading aluminium façade system. Originally designed in conjunction with Local Authorities to provide a fast track framing system for timely school refurbishment, Comar 2 has now grown into the leading solution for facades from residential developments to offices.

Key factors of its versatility lie in the range of solutions it provides. Thermally broken, Comar 2, meets demanding design briefs with unique profiles. A range of mullions and transoms are available for the required deflection loads, so small or large glazed areas can be created whilst maintaining standardisation of slim sightlines throughout the facade. Variable angle returns and three-way glazing can be designed into the project and these profiles can be tailored to meet the refurbishment demands of an existing façade.

The vast Comar 5 window range, which includes configurations such as tilt and turn, casement, vertical and horizontal pivot, horizontal sliding and vertical sliding, can be integrated into the Comar 2 façade, ensuring that the correct opening vent is specified for the project. For example, on a high-rise development the cleaning regime is a key consideration, so tilt and turn, pivots or top-swing can be specified whereas, for classrooms, safety is paramount, therefore specifying sliding vents which do not create an obstruction provides a better solution.

As well as integrating opening vents into the system, Comar 2 has the facility to glaze up to 75mm which means it can be glazed with varying thickness of panels and glass into the same façade by using the extensive range of beads and gaskets available. Higher thermal demands mean that triple glazing can easily be accommodated as well as panels that ensure high insulation and colour.

For complete versatility, consideration has also been given to entrances. Another unique profile allows the Comar 7 door range to be hung directly from Comar 2 on AXIM concealed transom closers, creating a cost-effective, as well as fast-track, entrance solution.

On-site performance is just as critical as providing the design solution. Comar 2 is a ladder frame system where framing modules can be made in the factory and shipped to site. A two-part box and plate clip together to quickly assemble the façade. Comar 2 typically is internally glazed; however, where floor slabs need to be spanned, an externally glazed solution is available.

Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems has a specification guide as well as full technical data on the Comar 2 façade solutions. For contractors, architects and specifiers alike, Comar has a Nationwide Approved Fabricator Network, which provides fast track manufacture and installation pricing for budget or tender returns.

Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems has over 30 years experience and Comar 2 is a façade system which offers design solutions, on-site performance and a proven life-cycle reassurance. Unlike other building materials, sustainability concerns are alleviated as, at the end of its use, aluminium can be reclaimed and recycled to be used again and again in building, transport or packaging. Because of these unique properties, Comar 2 aluminium is the only building material to offer a truly cradle-to-cradle solution.

Comar: Designed for Performance, Backed by Delivery

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Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems

Comar: Designed for Performance, Backed by Delivery

Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems is the largest British, privately owned aluminium systems company in Europe. Comar designs, extrudes and distributes over 700 integrated profiles to a Nationwide approved fabricator network for use in aluminium ground floor treatment, window, door and curtain walling applications.

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