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Supaseal continues to expand with major investment in Bystronic

While the industry seems beset with stories of panic and self destruction, Supaseal Glass considers that potential for organic growth is viable and is making bold moves with a dramatic expansion programme that has been instigated with the opening of Supaseal North East.

Headed up by CEO Eric Foster, Supaseal Glass is making substantial investments in a new corporate development programme that will provide premium products and support services to a struggling market. Supaseal considers, at a time when many businesses are cutting one another’s throats and openly displaying desperation by trying to buy or steal customers that careful quality investments will provide complete solutions for customers and end users alike.

The opening of Supaseal Glass North East reflects a strong corporate position for the group which is already well established in Scotland. This investment will provide the highest standards in terms of product quality and unrivalled service guarantees to customers, never before seen in and around the North East region.

In an area where poor levels of service relating to product quality and delivery appeared to be prevalent, Eric Foster and Alex Gray, Managing Director consider that the North East will now greatly benefit from the expertise and value Supaseal can offer.

Despite the tough economic climate, the considerable investment has been made to ensure that the quality of product can be brought into line with that of the existing Glasgow operation. Consequently, a new Bystronic IGU line has been installed at Supaseal North East to ensure standards remain commensurate.

The new fully automated IGU line from Bystronic reflects the close working relationship already established between the two companies. The Bystronic equipment can manufacture units up to 3500mm x 2300mm with automatic gas filling and robotic sealing. With this the second Bystronic investment of its kind for Supaseal, the first having been installed four years ago at the Glasgow site, the company is set to provide consistent quality in terms of product standards.

Founded in 1994 by Eric Foster, Supaseal has established a first class reputation as a market leader in Scotland. The company is now recognised as one of the foremost sealed unit manufacturers in the UK with the Saveheat brand of energy efficient glazing systems.

The successful Glasgow business model will be adapted at Supaseal North East, in order to support the company’s ethos to supply only the highest quality sealed units with an unmatched guarantee of deliveries on standard products. This is reflected in the company’s mission statement:

“To be recognised by our customers, suppliers and competitors, for setting and maintaining the highest possible standards of quality and service within the industry of glass processing and insulating glass unit manufacturing.”

Eric, a local lad from South Shields is determined his return to his beloved North East will bring a fresh approach to business in terms of high product performance and support services for large and small businesses alike providing them with a unique level of reliability that will assist the prudent businesses in our marketplace to not only survive but move forward in these testing times.

As part of the ongoing development of Supaseal, Customer Account Manager Chris Auld will start 2009 by taking up the reins as Branch Manager of the North East facility. Chris has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the glass industry and has been instrumental in putting Supaseal firmly on the map in the region. He is also a local boy from Bishop Auckland.

“At Supaseal we have achieved substantial sales in 2008 and our success is quite simply down to acutely understanding and satisfying our customers’ needs whilst providing a superior service. We appreciate the worst of the recession is still to come, however, there is still business out there albeit reduced and we firmly believe that well run and skilfully managed enterprises will emerge successfully at the end of the storm” comments Eric Foster. Eric continues “We have witnessed some huge well known companies disappear recently and 2009 is predicted to be the worst year since 1946. It is therefore crucial that our customers receive only complete and on-time deliveries with accurate paperwork. No one can now afford the time or resource required to mop up behind slipshod suppliers. There are some companies in our industry with reckless fools at the helm who continue to chase sales at any cost in a receding market whilst simultaneously eroding their working capital. We are all aware of the damage they inflict on the trade as they steer their ship towards another pay day for the administrators. Thankfully the financial institutions will not now be so quick to fund Phoenix operations for such firms and we should hopefully see them leave our industry permanently. During this period more so than ever, we must maintain our differentiation and are therefore resolute in our policy of getting it right first time every time and will continue to introduce benefits and initiatives that are too difficult for others to copy.”

Eric concludes, “In order to produce quality you must invest in quality. Bystronic installed a superb line at our Glasgow facility which has provided consistently high manufacturing standards. It provides optimum quality and performance. Our choice in terms of supplying customers with only the best is reflected throughout this company. Bystronic has given us the reassurance that all orders can be produced quickly, efficiently and on time.”

Steve Powell, Managing Director, Bystronic UK comments, “As the preferred supplier for one of the UK’s leading sealed unit manufacturers, Bystronic maintains a leading market edge, not only in terms of performance but also in respect of customer support. Consistency in terms of products and services remains a priority and this is clearly reflected by our strong working relationship with Supaseal.”

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