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Framexpress gains energy saving recommended endorsement

Leading pvc-u manufacturer, frameXpress has been accredited to use the Energy Saving Trust (EST) endorsement logo on a number of products within the range that have been registered with the endorsement standard.

The scheme which allows companies to feature energy saving recommended logos on specific registered products will be used on windows 1 Framexpress FS70/A 2 Framexpress FS70/B 3 Framexpress FS70/C with relevant descriptor text in relation to each product.

Run by the Energy Saving Trust, Energy Saving Recommended (ESR) is an endorsement scheme that identifies the most energy efficient products on the market. Launched in 2000, the objective is to endorse the top 20 per cent of energy efficient products so they become easily identifiable to consumers. To gain certification a product or service must meet with a strict set of criteria, independently set and updated annually.

To achieve the recognition it took months of rigorous reviews in terms of manufacturing procedures for the finished products, however for frameXpress gaining the Energy Saving Recommended accreditation provides customers with more satisfaction.

For customers the Energy Saving Trust acknowledgement will greatly help to reinforce the value of the products they install as ultimately consumers can appreciate the value of energy saving glazing. Poorly insulated window frames and single glazed windows account for up to 20% of heat loss in the average home which in the current climate, means a great deal financially when it comes to fuel bills.

Information for customers has also been developed by the frameXpress team which can be used as an added sales tool, to help explain the statistics in more detail regarding double glazing helping to cut heat loss and reducing noise and condensation problems.

In line with the companies energy efficiency policies senior management at frameXpress consider the Energy Saving Recommended standard exceedingly important as it reinforces the points, that by installing the accredited double glazed units, consumers can cut heating bills by around £140 a year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 720 kilograms of CO 2 - that's 4 double decker buses full of CO 2 each year.

Stuart Green, Managing Director comments, “In today’s difficult economy it is vital to evaluate measures and reinforce key energy saving benefits that ultimately the consumer can grasp quickly and easily. The Energy Saving Recommended logo is essential for the energy conscious homeowner, when choosing new or replacement windows. This company as a whole is reinforcing a more energy efficient production strategy so we consider that this helps to reinforce the importance of reducing carbon footprints.”

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