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Ellbee invests in Bystronic to set new industry standards

Brian McDonald and Tim Meadley, Elbee Ltd,

Ellbee Ltd is the latest company to invest in Bystronic glass technology with the installation of a new 36-metre glass manufacturing line. The fully automatic Bystronic Glass IG line with a capacity for units up to 1.6 x 3.1 metres will help to further automate the facilities and improve production quality, volume and service levels for customers.

Operating from 250,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space, with a 300 strong workforce, Ellbee based in Leeds, is one of the UK’s most progressive PVCu window manufacturers producing in excess of 250,000 windows and doors each year.

Over the past two years Ellbee has been strategically evaluating business methods and has introduced a new programme that will enable the company to prosper in an increasingly demanding and competitive marketplace. For this reason the company chose equipment from the Bystronic glass range because of the formidable reputation the company has in the industry, knowing that the machinery will achieve excellent results.

Ellbee has been established as a company for nearly 60 years and is now wholly owned by Euramax Inc. based in Atlanta, USA. The operation is funded by Goldman Sachs, an investment and banking giant, which not only makes Ellbee a sound investment, but ensures a stable environment for both customers and employees.

For an installation that will have a major impact on the IG manufacturing market throughout the UK it was imperative that only the highest standards of technology could be considered. This substantial investment made by Ellbee includes the purchase of a Bystronic Glass fully automatic IG line which includes the new ESA Super Spacer applicator.

It is considered that the progressive stance from Ellbee to install equipment that will meet future market demands, will place them ahead of competitors and will also greatly assist in the company’s energy efficiency programme. The company produces high quality processed glass which is supplied to various commercial and domestic sectors and produces approximately 8,000 Kite marked insulated glass units per week.

John Armstrong, the sales and marketing director, comments, “The Bystronic equipment puts the new double glazing units together cleanly and efficiently, taking seconds to complete, making this not only a revolutionary system but cost effective as well. We are always looking to improve our standards and by investing in the latest machinery and materials we are demonstrating our commitment to the industry now and for the future.”

Recognised for quality, reliability and assurance guarantees, Ellbee now has clear advantages over other manufacturers through the superiority of warm edge technology. Senior management at the company considered technical investment imperative because of the stringent market regulations and the recognition that through consumer demand, energy efficiency must be accommodated into manufacturing procedures.

Energy efficiency is a priority for the company and with the environmentally efficient Super Spacer system combined with the latest Bystronic manufacturing machinery, Ellbee considers that it has put in place changes that will ensure a culture of continuous growth and improvement whilst providing top quality products in the most efficient and economical manner possible.

John Armstrong explains further, “Conventional windows with an aluminium spacer bar allow up to 94 per cent heat loss through convection across the metal spacing strip between the sheets of glass, but the Super Spacer polymer strip blocks the heat escape path and provides one of the best thermal performances in the industry, meaning that we are giving our customers the best, most energy efficient windows and doors available today.”

Energy conservation is becoming widely recognised as a major issue in many fields, consequently Ellbee felt this development programme was essential.

John Armstrong continues, “We felt it imperative to adapt production methods accordingly through superior warm edge technology as we consider this is the only way forward.”

Consumers and installers are acutely aware that up to 30% heat or air-conditioning energy can be lost through the windows of an average home. Using Bystronic equipment and Super Spacer will ensure that the manufactured products will satisfy the toughest warm edge demands including resisting condensation and helping to prevent mould growth, increasing long-life durability and reducing energy costs.

Taking environmental issues seriously has led to numerous accreditations at Ellbee including: OHSAS 18001:1999 – Occupational Health and Safety, Management Systems; BS EN ISO 9001-2000; BS EN ISO 14001 2004 – Environmental Management Systems. To keep business practices “lean”, the company has implemented the “Lean Six Sigma System”, which was originally a Japanese business improvement methodology combining tools from both Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma.”

John Armstrong concludes, “Meeting the window industry’s toughest standards means that the Super Spacer fitted windows are guaranteed to remain thermally efficient, perfect for combating the skyrocketing fuel bills we have all been promised. Plus they include the added benefit of a 70 per cent reduction in condensation, meaning the effective elimination of the breeding environment for algae, funguses, spores and other biohazards. As a result the windows we manufacture will prove greener, more cost effective and healthier for everyone.”

Steve Powell, Managing Director, Bystronic Glass UK comments, “It is vital to invest in quality production methods to guarantee that production is optimised and technical legislation in the industry can be met. Green issues are becoming prevalent and as such Bystronic provides technical solutions that will greatly assist companies energy efficient programmes. At Bystronic Glass, our technology provides our customers with fast and efficient solutions that can be tailored to their individual requirements to yield optimum results.”

Ellbee Ltd would be pleased to discuss any of your requirements in relation to products within the range. For more information please call 0113 257 9711.

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