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SAS Has it Taped

Kingfisher Windows project

Senior Architectural Systems have recently introduced a 3M glazing tape which allows fabricators to produce their own structurally bonded aluminium framed units for curtain walling applications.

The 3M ‘VHB Structural Glazing Tape’ requires little surface preparation prior to application and works on both anodised and powder coated substrates. Derek Hodgson, Technical Manager at SAS explains, “We have introduced the tape onto our ‘two sided’ structural units at the moment which allows our curtain wall to be installed with either horizontal or vertical emphasis without the perpendicular pressure plates. Early trials and installations suggest that the system can reduce lead times on site whilst offering very high bond strengths.”

Kingfisher Windows have been one of the first fabricators to use the system to emphasise the horizontal aluminium content of a curtain wall application. Gary Long of Kingfisher was pleased with progress, “The 3M tape was easily applied to the glass and aluminium within our own assembly shop and gave an excellent bond strength as soon as pressure was applied to the tape. The system has saved us a great deal of time ensuring we can keep up with the rapid site installation required by the main contractor. Normally we would send carriers and units away for specialist bonding which can take quite some time.”

At 2.3 mm in thickness, the tape is uniform in thickness, up to a third the thickness of a similar structural silicone bond and, as the tape can be accurately cut to size, wastage is kept to a minimum. Senior Architectural Systems is now looking to develop the partnership with 3M and their VHB tape to see if it possible to offer a four sided bonded unit.

Further information on the company’s products and services can be found at senioraluminium.co.uk or by phoning their head office in Doncaster on 01709 772600.

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