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frameXpress achieves an ‘A’ grade

After accurate and rigorous testing frameXpress has recently been accredited with achieving an ‘A’ rating standard in addition to B & C ratings in relation to window manufacturing. Senior management at frameXpress are confident that this will assist in further establishing their leading market position.

With windows accounting for up to 30 per cent of total heat lost from a house frameXpress have developed information for customers that will demonstrate the benefits of installing WER (Window Energy Ratings) windows including the reduction of carbon footprints and reduced energy bills. With WERs remaining a dominant topical issue for both installers and consumers this initiated product diversification in relation to improved thermal efficiency within the product range. Additionally, the company has developed website information for customers to highlight the relevance of WER Ratings.

Stuart Green, Managing Director, comments, “We believe that achieving the WER status is important but equally consider it is vital to help our customers broaden their own product portfolios to increase business opportunities.”

The frameXpress team consider that Window Energy Ratings represent significant progression within the industry as opposed to just focussing on the U-value.

Stuart Green continues“Window Energy Ratings provide a more accurate measure of window energy efficiency which the ever-more discerning homeowner now clearly recognizes and understands.”

Whilst the A-rating is the highest rating that can be achieved and it is recognized as the most energy efficient window rating available, the frameXpress team believe in providing the broadest range possible for customers and still continue to produce B and C rated products.

For frameXpress it is vital that their customers can relay the benefits regarding WERs and the A-rating standard clearly and concisely to consumers. The reduced energy requirements that result from installing WER windows are considerable and for frameXpress it is imperative that this message can be conveyed succinctly.

Stuart Green concludes, “The thermally efficient window rating enables us to not only expand our own product range but also our customers. The technical advantages in providing a rated product are considerable and we consider that it is important to share that with our customers. For this reason we have dedicated a section of our website to WERs as an additional sales support for our customers who wish to incorporate those products into their own portfolio.”

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