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Wrightstyle Adds Fabrication to Innovation

Purchasing high performance fabricated steel and glass systems, for today’s demanding building environment, has just become a whole lot easier – with watertight guarantees of superior quality.

Wrightstyle, which supplies its specialist products and systems nationally and internationally, has recently invested in an added-value steel fabrication service.

The new bespoke service means that Wrightstyle now offers complete, quality-guaranteed glass and steel solutions – from curtain walling to doors and screens, with supporting accreditation to both US and European fire, blast and performance safety standards.

Wrightstyle remains one of the only UK companies to extend its testing regime to include American certification – which for fire resistant applications still requires a higher standard of compliance, compared with UK or other European test criteria.

As a one-stop supplier of both glass and steel products, Wrightstyle guarantees the compatibility and performance of all its products and systems – as opposed to items being sourced from different suppliers.

Where that is the case, components may have separate test certification, but not as a tested combined assembly – and incompatibilities can arise which, in turn, can render accreditations void.

The Wrightstyle solution was, first, to extend its product range beyond the steel systems themselves, to include a comprehensive and compatible range of high-performing glasses, and to test them rigorously against the full range of traditional and newly recognised threats – including a recent and successful blast test against car and lorry bomb explosions.

That test, conducted at RAF Spadeadam in the north of England, involved the largest test detonation allowed on the UK mainland, reproducing what would happen to a multi-panel large-span assembly when 500kg of TNT-equivalent explosive was detonated beside it.

The second aspect of the Wrightstyle solution, was to invest in a high-tech fabrication facility, directly adjacent to the company’s existing warehousing and offices – a one-stop solution on one quality-controlled site.

“By ensuring complete compatibility between the glass and its supporting steel framework, we can absolutely guarantee the quality and performance of our systems. Let’s not forget that they are designed to save lives, in the event of a fire or terrorist attack – and those guarantees are therefore vitally important,” said Lee Coates, Technical Director.

“Guaranteeing compatibility between the glass and steel framework, and now offering the additional option of a full fabrication service, was a natural next step, giving customers the option of a no-hassle and cost-effective supply and fabrication service,” he said.

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Wrightstyle designs, manufacturers and fabricates a range of external and internal steel glazing systems to mitigate against fire, high wind loading, bomb blast or ballistic attack and its products and systems can be found internationally. Wrightstyle also recently completed projects for the London Olympics.

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