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Elumatec - Changing the face of fenestration

Already 2008 has been subject to incredible change, but this is just the tip of the iceberg for the fenestration industry, seeing a new era of business now upon us governing the way current operations should be moving and bucking a trend. Over the last few years, fabrication businesses have been focusing on investment and diversification for future growth, and now the time has come to take a step further and push their operations into a new realm of efficiency. With this in mind Elumatec has formed an important, strategic partnership with automation specialists Federhenn to allow its customers to completely revolutionise their businesses, flawlessly, and totally prepare them for the future.

So you have put the time and effort into finding the best fabrication machinery to kit out your factory; you have invested the time and money in buying equipment that can delivery impeccable quality time after time…so what is the next step? Elumatec UK’s managing director Phil Heavey believes that running a fully automated operation is the natural progression and should be a serious consideration for any outfit wanting step up their game and secure future growth. “We have paid witness to huge shifts within the market seeing many businesses diversifying and strengthening the way they operate to accommodate the harsh conditions faced, and those that have kitted out their premises with machines designed to increase maximum output and efficiencies all round are the companies that are commandeering the market niches at present. But many of these businesses have only scratched the service in terms of reaching their full potential.”

“There are only a handful of companies out there that can boast fully automated operations, and it is those companies that can that are raising the fenestration bar, turning around jobs with absolute ease and at maximum speed!” Continues Phil. “The UK fenestration industry is not just in competition with itself…it extends much further than that and many overseas operations are seemingly taking the leading foot. It would appear that many UK businesses out there are falling behind the times seeing our European counterparts overtaking and becoming more sophisticated in their automation practices, even in those countries considered to be economically inferior.”

Businesses choosing to automate their whole operations using Federhenn are setting a precedent for other companies to follow, and frame production has never been easier. From cutting to routing, crimping and welding, right through to distribution, the whole fabrication process is totally effortless and void of human error. In fact automation will solve any staffing issues that may arise and in times of market depression will become any businesses best ally.

“The Federhenn automation range will work with existing machinery taking profile from step to step with minimal human interaction, through every stage of the fabrication process, finishing the window perfectly and prepping it for distribution. Seeing companies using this, it is hard to imagine how they coped before. And those using such systems in the UK have entered a new phase of fabrication…it couldn’t be simpler as it all works by downloading information from the office PC! Automation really bridges the gap and avoids costly mistakes from occurring!” Concludes Phil.

So if you are looking to increase total efficiency, increase output and increase quality all the way down the line, then automation should be the next step for your business.

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