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Automated leading table “does what it says on the tin” …

… according to Ian Sims, Managing Director of Double R Glass & Roofing Systems, Wellingborough, where GED’s labour-saving Decorative Application System (DAS) for automatic leading of insulated glass units was installed last Autumn.

And naturally the company is also delighted to say that it is already proving its worth.

Repeat pattern window leading can be time-consuming and tedious work as any fabricator will know, but with the DAS table mistakes due to human error that causes rejects are now entirely eliminated. Automated, the process becomes consistently accurate and more efficient than ever before, with wasted materials or expensive call backs avoided.

Moreover, the factory staff at Double R have taken to the machine as well: they know that customers will be happy with the results, and the machine itself is easy to operate.

Double R has worked hard to establish its reputation for customer service in manufacturing sealed units and conservatory roof kits and has become a leading regional fabricator of both Wendland Styal+ and Ultraframe Classic roof systems.

In addition to meeting their customer’s delivery times, the quality of the finished product has always been important to the company and the DAS table helps to ensure that this aspect of their performance will be maintained.

“After all, sometimes it only takes one little error or staff absence to do away with years of good work, but with GED’s automated leading table we remain confident that not only will it become a significant asset to our business but our overtime costs will be substantially reduced.”

DAS will apply 6mm, 9mm and 12mm lead profiles using 50 and 100 metre rolls for both square and diamond patterns and is capable of producing more than 100 leaded fanlights per shift. It can also apply Accentrim optical film, which transforms the appearance of a plain sheet of glass into one that appears to have been bevelled or brilliant cut.

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