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Kestrel Launches Kestrel Extra

The no lead, no tin, next generation brand of PVC-UE and PVC-U roofline, cladding and window trim products, Kestrel, has launched Kestrel Extra, a group of products within its 800 wide product portfolio, that are either entirely unique or rare in the market place. Tony Crutcher, Sales and Marketing Director of the Kestrel brand explains the philosophy behind Kestrel Extra: “We believe we have always had one of the widest and deepest product ranges in the industry, but there’s a lot in the range that makes us different that we don’t shout about. Kestrel Extra is about highlighting the range of products that when grouped together, is entirety unique to Kestrel and therefore our customers, which adds value for distributors, installers and consumers. Products in the range include our hollow board with protective film, grooved square fascia and a full range of double edge boards. For more information on this unique range, visit www.kbp.co.uk .”

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