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Pilkington gets 'ACTIV' again with architects

Alan Stanton of Stanton Williams, one of the Who's Who of British architects that took part in the latest Pilkington seminars Clear Visions: Design and Maintenance of the Glazed Envelope

In the second series of special seminars organised by Pilkington in association with architectural journal Architecture Today, more than a hundred architects from around the country enjoyed presentations from the UK's leading architects, staged in landmark buildings in Bristol, Birmingham, Cambridge and London.

In the seminars, entitled Clear Visions: Design and Maintenance of the Glazed Envelope, four of the UK's leading, award winning architects headed evening programmes at which they discussed their many prize winning projects, their philosophies, goals and desires - three of them doing so in a venue they created.

At the extraordinary £97 million At Bristol science and learning centre that he designed, double Sterling Prize winner Chris Wilkinson of Wilkinson Eyre discussed the influences and inspirations behind the projects with which he and his partners have stamped their distinctive mark on the British landscape.

Glen Howells took the stage at Birmingham's £114 million Millennium Point and Thinktank Centre, where he discussed his approach to a number of his practices' projects, such as the Urban Splash offices in Manchester, Armagh's Market Place Arts Centre, and the stunning new visitor centre in Windsor Great Park.

The former Professor of Architecture at the Royal College of Art and an expert in museum and gallery design, John Miller of John Miller & Partners, fittingly addressed delegates under the glazed courtyard extension of Cambridge's splendid Fitzwilliam Museum, a project carried out by John and his practice.

The tour's final stop was London, where an enthusiastic audience travelled to the City University's School of Social Sciences, the most recently completed project of guest speaker Alan Stanton of Stanton Williams.

Presentations made by Jerry Almond of specialist glazing contractor Charles Henshaw and Sons, which has a reputation for being one of the World's leading experts on design and installation of large and complex glass cladding systems, supported the architects, together with talks by Pilkington technical specialists, including scientists Tim McKittrick and Kevin Sanderson of the team that invented Pilkington Activ(tm). Garry Smith of the Pilkington Technical Advisory Service discussed the wider aspects of his office's technical support for specifiers of all glasses.

A number of messages were received following the seminars commenting on the quality and usefulness of the presentations. Matt Buckley, Marketing Director of Pilkington Building Products UK commented: "Obviously our intention is to communicate the values of Pilkington Activ(tm) and our technical services but we also wanted to deliver some quality presentations to the audience from which they would tangibly benefit and enjoy. The keynote speakers in particular were fascinating and the audience response was very positive, with extended Q & A sessions and many questions about Pilkington Activ(tm)."

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