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Cold callers get the cold shoulder

Companies that employ cold calling tactics are not only risking the wrath of consumer groups but are also wasting their time and should be rethinking their marketing strategies, according to industry experts.

A barrage of bad press about companies that use "scatter-gun" sales techniques including cold calling and door step selling, is sounding the death knell for this type of approach.

But despite the rules on direct selling being enshrined in law, with risks of hefty fines or worse for repeat offenders, many businesses are still falling foul of the rules.

A number of local authorities have recently introduced "No cold calling zones" in certain areas following a crackdown last year by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) on unscrupulous businesses using these tactics. This has made it increasingly difficult for honest, proactive sales organisations to use the same approach effectively.

According to Rob Deutrom, Managing Director of BestQuote Europe, an online specialist in sales lead generation, the tide of bad press marks an end to cold calling as the industry knows it. But he thinks that the technologies available these days enable new methods that deliver far more effective sales techniques for the industry.

Rob says: "With cold calling becoming less and less effective, companies have had to come up with new ideas. One solution is to take a "quality" approach to new sales leads. By investing a small sum in good quality leads, companies can get access to consumers who are considering buying a product, who want to be contacted, and want to be quoted. This tactic can help boost companies' reputations, improve sales and, ultimately, make them more profitable," he adds.

By signing up to a service like that offered by BestQuote, companies can receive customer enquiry details direct to a nominated mobile phone by way of an SMS text message service. The service offers qualified enquiries that explain what the customer is looking for and where they are based prior to purchase. The company is then free to simply purchase as many new business enquiries as its budget affords.

So although the end may be in sight for traditional cold calling, a better and more innovative solution could help the industry become more efficient, more effective and better liked by the general public.

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