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Shame your suppliers and sign for sales

Dear Ian

The deadline to sign the petition to lobby the Prime Minister to cut VAT to 5% on Energy Saving Recommended windows in line with other energy saving products is 20th October 2007. That may sound far off but it isn’t and while there has been an increase in the number of people who have signed most of the industry has ignored it or postponed signing.

It is particularly concerning that many leading firms, including systems companies, trade fabricators, and installers, hardware, machinery and software companies and trade magazines are not there.

It only takes a moment to sign at petitions.pm.gov.uk/reduced-VAT so why hasn’t the industry done so?

Whatever the individual reasons, and it is hard to think of a good reason given the undoubted benefits cutting VAT would bring to almost everyone in the industry, the list of individual names is there for all to see. Not being on the list sends a pretty clear message to the whole industry.

What would a Spectus fabricator, or an installer of Spectus products, think of Spectus if the directors, sales team and staff at Spectus had not signed the petition? They’d probably think we didn’t care enough about their future to take a couple of minutes to persuade the Government to give a boost to the industry and their own sales. This isn’t a Spectus campaign. We didn’t start it. It doesn’t matter who started it. What matters is that we all make the most of the opportunity.

So let me suggest a way forward. If you are an installer sign up today and look at the list to make sure your own supplier has signed. If they haven’t, chase them up and shame them into signing.

If you are a fabricator sign up now and check the list to see if your suppliers have signed. If they haven’t, ask why and insist that they do so straight away.

What systems company could refuse? The industry needs a sales boost, so why are systems companies not doing the obvious? It’s all very well writing fine words to the trade in press releases and publishing attractive adverts but that isn’t the same as taking practical action to help their customers!

So let’s all sign up and help ourselves.


Sam Kennedy
Managing Director
Spectus Window Systems

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