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Environmental brochure from Spectus makes its case for sustainable PVC-U

Spectus Window Systems environmental brochure

Spectus Window Systems has just launched its first brochure concerning PVC and the environment. The topic is in the news on a daily basis and companies in all sectors are keen to present and promote their environmental credentials.

Sam Kennedy, Managing Director at Spectus explains: “There is a lot of misinformation out there concerning PVC and its effect on the environment. This new brochure debunks the myths and presents the facts in a clear and concise way. It outlines Spectus’ approach to the issue and the steps we are taking to protect the environment. It also considers sustainability and the social and economic benefits a vibrant PVC industry brings. The overall picture is very positive and we hope our customers will use the brochure to promote PVC-U to installers, architects, specifiers and homeowners.”

Download the brochure from www.spectussystems.com but try not to print it out - read it on screen to reduce your carbon footprint, or call 0800 328 5273 for your free copy.

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