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Sea more with clear glass balcony views

Maximising sea views from this stunning individually-designed beach house on the South coast are aluminium and glass balconies supplied by Balcony Systems Ltd. Corrosion-resistant and requiring no-maintenance, the system is the perfect stylish choice for a contemporary property in a marine environment.

Gerald Glover and his partner Laura Turner selected Balcony’s glazed balustrading for the two 7.5 metres wide tapering balconies at the Lancing property, which was featured recently on television in Five Life’s ‘Build a New Life in the Country’.

The couple chose the bronze coloured aluminium handrail finish to complement the brown windows and timber cladding at their unique glass-fronted home, which is literally yards from the sea.

“Glass was important to match the external appearance and we chose the Balcony system because it is so simple and looks beautiful. It is so much better than others we considered,” explains Laura. “It lets in light and uses minimum posts to maximise the glass area without resorting to the high expense of structural glazing.”

She adds: “Balcony also assisted us on design and technical aspects of the project. It’s fantastic waking up and all you can see is the sea, without bars to obscure the view.”

The Balcony system with a silver handrail finish is also installed on a similar neighbouring house owned by Andrew Clayton, who comments: “The elegant style of the balconies suits the seaside location very well, having clear views through the glass panels and minimal post structures.”

Cost-effective with clean lines and no maintenance, Balcony’s glazed balustrading systems are a clear choice with housebuilders and homeowners alike who want to preserve views and maximise light to property interiors.

Balcony Systems Ltd specialises in sophisticated balustrading solutions, supplying elegant glass and aluminium balustrades and Juliette balconies to complement all property styles. In many cases, the glass balustrades require no vertical supports to give a clear view to the outside at a fraction of the cost of alternative glazed systems.

An added advantage is that should a glass panel need replacing in the future, this can be done easily and safely from the balcony itself, rather than hiring costly and time-consuming scaffolding or ‘cherry pickers’.

For more information, contact Balcony Systems Ltd on 01342 410411 or visit www.balconette.co.uk for further details.

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Balcony Systems

Balcony Systems is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Juliette balconies, balustrades and curved patio doors. Its products offer a complete solution for architects, property developers, builders, homeowners and self-builders.

Balcony’s curved patio doors and classy balustrades have the genuine WOW factor that makes architects, builders and homeowners very excited. It’s a key reason that sales have been growing throughout the recession. Balcony’s products – Juliette, balustrades and curved patio doors – define a building. They help new buildings sell quickly and transform existing buildings.

Balcony’s products are cleverly designed to make the most of the view with a minimum of posts and fixing points to disrupt the eye. They use anodised aluminium in place of stainless steel so they continue to look good even in corrosive coastal areas where stainless steel is no longer stainless. The curved patio doors and curved balustrades are simply stunning.

Balcony’s growth and the growth in enquiries have encouraged it to tell its story to the wider market, and to architects and developers. In particular there is a need to find more of the right kind of installation companies to help homeowners and tackle more ambitious projects.

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