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West Yorkshire Windows sings for its supper

What do Matthew Glover, Managing Director of Conservatory Outlet, and George Formby have in common? Answer: West Yorkshire Windows.

In keeping with a local theme the cheeky Northern entertainer, the late George Formby, has featured in four radio adverts produced by Conservatory Outlet, for its dealer, West Yorkshire Windows. The lyrics to the adverts are written to the tune of ‘When I’m cleaning windows.’ The jingles manage to rhyme the benefits of buying from West Yorkshire Windows, such as security, a ten year guarantee, the web site, finance deals and even energy efficiency.

Conservatory Outlet is a bolt-on brand for small to medium sized companies looking to add or increase conservatories sales. Matthew Glover explains the unique marketing support offered to its dealers: “The tailor-made package allows dealers to use a 10% rebate on frame sales on marketing tools that will suit their local market. West Yorkshire Windows chose local radio advertising and used a tune everybody would instantly recognise. The lyrics enable us to tell the listener all about the company in a way that sticks in the mind. We’ve already had several performances of the adverts in the showroom. And as always with George Formby, it turns out nice every time!”

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