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PART L gets the green light

Changes to Part L of the building regulations in the Republic of Ireland, which came into force in July 2006, will have a dramatic affect on the specification of new and replacement windows in non-housing. In most cases Pilkington can help achieve the new performance requirements with the application of Pilkington K Glass™.

The standards for windows in new non-dwellings have increased significantly, and for the first time replacement windows in existing non-dwellings are covered in Part L, including extensions and conservatories.

In all cases windows will have to achieve a U value of 2.2W/m2K. New buildings will also have to be designed to avoid solar overheating (if naturally ventilated) or excessive plant capacity (if mechanically ventilated).

For new dwellings, the major change to the regulation is the way in which compliance is assessed. It is now on the basis of a building’s total CO2 emissions allowing considerable freedom of design, as long as the CO2 target is achieved. However, there are also upper limits placed on heat loss through the windows and a maximum U value of 2.2 will apply. The requirement for replacement windows in existing dwellings also remains at 2.2W/m2K.

Rick Wilberforce, Market Development Manager-Europe, Pilkington Building Products, said: “The changes to the regulations are a positive step forward and mean that a window U value requirement of 2.2 becomes standard for all situations. This means that low emissivity (low-E) glass will become universal. The standard can be achieved using Pilkington K Glass™.”

While the changes to Part L will be far reaching and have a significant impact on glazing specifications, the use of Pilkington K Glass™ should ensure that all windows satisfy the requirements. And by specifying this hard coated product, it’s a guarantee that it is tough, durable and easy to process, with a brand recognised and valued by householders,” concluded Rick.

To obtain further information or order copies of the new bulletin call the Pilkington helpline on +44 1744 692000, email to pilkington@respond.uk.com or visit www.pilkington.co.uk/buildingregulations.

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