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Epwin Window Systems joins Made in Britain campaign

Epwin Window Systems has just announced it has become an official member of the Made in Britain campaign. Gerald Allen, Marketing Manager at Epwin Window Systems, said: “Naturally, we are proud to support British innovation and technology and we’re delighted to be part of the Made in Britain campaign.”

The Made in Britain campaign aims to bring together the entire manufacturing community in Britain so businesses can benefit in sales, marketing, exports and PR. It encourages buyers, specifiers and consumers to treat the Directory as the procurement site for British-made goods and an invaluable way to find new suppliers and buyers.

All of Epwin Window Systems’ operations are based in the UK and are covered by regulations designed to protect the environment. By keeping its production in the UK, it does not contribute unnecessarily to transport pollution, plus it has control over its supplies, its sources and its quality.

UK production also offers another clear benefit for anyone working with or living with the products. Gerald says: “There is no need to import system products, because the quality of what we make here is exceptional and our designs are as advanced as those from anywhere else in the world. Our profile systems are designed for the UK’s housing stock and no adaptations are necessary to force a square peg into a round hole.”

Made in Britain is a fast-growing community of like-minded manufacturers from all around the UK. By joining the campaign, Epwin Window Systems is highlighting to the industry that it is making products right here in Britain to the very highest of standards. It’s a reassuring reminder of the reliability that Epwin Window Systems brands offer.

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Epwin Window Systems

Profile 22 manufacture a comprehensive range of 60mm and 70mm PVC-U windows and door systems.

Its products are integrated, meaning all four suites offer a choice of sash and outer frame combinations, share common beads and have dedicated Safeware locks and hardware. Making it simple to specify and fabricate window and doors to suit any application. Integration offers huge benefits to fabricators and makes it very economical to sell into new market sectors.

Profile 22 integrated products also incorporate unique and proven labour saving features that can make significant impact on your productivity, saving time and money in the factory and on site.

Profile 22 at a glance:

  • British owned manufacturer of PVC-U profile.
  • Based in Telford in a 150,000 sq ft factory and customer support complex.
  • Working with windows since 1976.
  • 40,000 frames made using Profile 22 every week.
  • Part of the £180m Epwin Group.
  • Dedicated specification team and a nationwide network of manufacturers of high quality PVC-U windows and doors.

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