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Window Widgets publish the Big Pink Book

Window Widgets have just published a 158-page wire bound catalogue that includes details of their entire product range and has already been dubbed as ‘the big pink book.’

Over 1,000 copies of the catalogue have already been distributed across the industry in a distinctive pink envelope with a little sweetener. It’s not only a handy ordering guide, but includes full technical details, dimensional drawings, load bearing statistics, quality standards and also includes a number of notes pages throughout.

Given the number of pages within the catalogue, 21 tabbed sections have been created for easy reference including the product categories of couplers, baypoles, corner posts, jacks and foiled trims. There is also a new website due in the coming weeks to fully support the launch of the new pink guide, along with the ongoing support from Adrian Clare, internal sales executive and Tom Edwards, national sales manager.

Sarah Hitchings, sales and marketing director of Window Widgets commented: ‘The new product catalogue has been a labour of love in many ways and the response from customers has really been quite inspiring. We are ultimately the one-stop shop for all types of ancillaries for both fabricators and installers, with the added benefit of full technical support, own vehicles and all product accreditations including BBA certifications and CE Marking.’

For a free copy of the product catalogue and sample box, contact internal sales executive Adrian Clare at e-mail adrian@windowwidgets.co.uk or call 01452 300912.

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