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Tricoat puts rust on the run on the North Kent coast

Sitting in a high rise block with an excited group of elderly Housing Association residents enjoying an egg mayonnaise sandwich might not at first appear to properly represent the drama of the occasion in window industry terms.

The fact of the matter is simple, Maco have supplied the first hardware manufactured with their new high performance finish - TRICOAT. Working with Sash UK and profile manufacturer Veka, Maco have set a new milestone in hardware performance with this new surface protective coating.

The installation, a refurbished building owned by People for Places (Formerly North British Housing Association) sits on the sea front at Herne Bay, Kent. Subject to high winds carrying sea spray on an exposed site, it is a major test for any metalwork, let alone that which is expected to perform continuously over many years. David Lewis, Head of Housing Services of places for People was keen to stress the fact that “For the Housing Association, investing in both the building infrastructure and long-term resident satisfaction and safety were key issues, it was also important to have a product that would guarantee a long, low-maintenance working life under such conditions.” He went on to explain that “Places for People set out to create neighbourhoods of choice for all, and that achieving and sustaining quality is part of the process,” which fitted the ethos of specifying fixtures and fittings that support that aim.

The TRICOAT barrier surface protection coating developed by Maco, sets out to offer levels of performance that have never been previously possible. The revolutionary MACO TRICOAT surface provides an outstanding performance for use in regions with high saline air, and those areas affected by increased chemical attack. TRICOAT has achieved the highest performance levels when salt-spray tested in accordance with DIN 50021-SS. Furthermore, MACO TRICOAT provides high resistance against chemical attacks from acids and alkaline solutions and has been tested to withstand up to 1000 hours corrosion resistance.

It is Normal for individual unassembled components to be tested in accordance with DIN 50021-SS salt-spray test. As the TRICOAT surface is applied on top of the MACO silver look chromate surface, fully assembled fittings are always tested. This ensures that all vulnerable parts are fully protected, safeguarding the quality of the completed window. Maco also supplied specially coated screws which prevent contact corrosion, thus ensuring that the life of the window is further extended. Not only is the Maco TRICOAT surface extremely resistant to corrosion it is also resilient to scratching, and repels water and dirt.

As main contractor for the development, Sash was responsible for the overall project management, including manufacturing and installing some 460 Maco TRICOAT tilt and turn windows installation of a new entrance door system and organising subcontractors for the replacement of the roof and concrete repairs to the outside of the building.

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