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Incarnation impresses Heathrow Airport’s closest neighbour

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Heathrow Airport’s closest neighbour can sleep soundly at night thanks to secondary glazing products from Incarnation Windows Systems.

Harri Patel, 63, lives just 300 yards from Terminal 4, but in a recent interview with the Daily Mail, he reported that noise pollution isn’t a problem at all.

Heathrow is Europe’s busiest airport, boasting four terminals, 78 million passengers every year, and over a thousand take-offs and landings every day.

And the fact that Harri can live so close and not be bothered by the noise is a true testament to the outstanding acoustic performance of secondary glazing.

“Say secondary glazing, and most people’s minds immediately jump to one of two things – conservation areas or budget energy efficiency,” comments Paul Bygrave, Director of Incarnation Window Systems.

“But it’s also a lot more versatile than that. Secondary glazing is an unrivalled way of tackling noise pollution.

“Where double and triple glazed windows usually have panes of glass separated by gaps 20mm or less in size, secondary glazing can leave gaps as wide as 100mm or over, making for a much more effective acoustic barrier.

“As a result, secondary glazing can reduce noise levels by up to 50 decibels with the right acoustic glass.”

Harri’s secondary glazing was installed as part of Heathrow’s ongoing efforts to reduce noise disturbance for those living nearby.

Since November 2012, Incarnation has participated in the Heathrow Day and Night Noise Insulation Schemes, which offer local homeowners 50% off the cost of replacement windows, or free secondary glazing.

Secondary glazing is by far the more popular option thanks to its unrivalled acoustic benefits. The scheme is set to continue as Heathrow has released plans to expand with a third runway.

“We’re delighted that we’ve been able to help Harri get a good night’s sleep,” Paul continues. “Our products offer a bespoke solution for any project or property and are available to our trade partners with a lead time of just ten days!

“If you’d like to become an approved installer and learn more about the fantastic benefits of installing secondary glazing, don’t hesitate to get in touch.”

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