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Optima from Profile 22 ticks all the boxes

If you’re looking to compete in the market, choosing a system that ticks all the boxes is a good place to start. Gerald Allen, Marketing Manager at Epwin Window Systems, says: “From the aesthetics to the versatility to the thermal efficiency to the security Optima from Profile 22, an Epwin Window Systems brand, ticks all the boxes. It’s why the system is attracting so many plaudits, it’s increasingly the commercial sector’s preferred choice and is popular in both the trade and retail markets too.”

Optima isn’t just one system, it’s three, opening up a world of opportunities. The sculptured system offers clean, modern and attractive styling, the chamfered system conveys its simple, angular lines and the flush casement option delivers the feature-rich qualities that today’s market demands. While each option is very different, all share a slim-framed aesthetic that increases sightlines and solar gain.

The versatility is enhanced with Optima’s ancillaries range, which includes cills, baypoles and packers to maximise the flexibility so fabricators and installers can personalise and perfect every project. The Optima colour range includes 28 shades to appeal to every taste. The system also fully integrates with other products from the Epwin Window Systems stable so you can offer a complete solution for every project with ease.

Optima delivers outstanding thermal efficiency. An Optima double glazed unit can achieve an A+ rating and a U-value of 1.2 W/m2K. And with triple-glazing, U-values as low as 0.8 W/m2K are available. These figures are achieved thanks to features such as a six-chambered outerframe and a five-chambered sash, which can be used with RCM thermal inserts. The system also offers the widest range of glazing options on the market, ranging from 24-44mm, plus triple glazing in three sizes.

Security is also exceptional because Optima has features such as a central Eurogroove and a secure bead system that passes security tests without glazing clips. The system more than meets current security requirements and is ready for proposed enhancements to PAS24 too.

This combination of market-leading factors, together with a wealth of other advantages, is why Optima is widely considered to be the most intelligent system on the market today.

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Epwin Window Systems

Profile 22 manufacture a comprehensive range of 60mm and 70mm PVC-U windows and door systems.

Its products are integrated, meaning all four suites offer a choice of sash and outer frame combinations, share common beads and have dedicated Safeware locks and hardware. Making it simple to specify and fabricate window and doors to suit any application. Integration offers huge benefits to fabricators and makes it very economical to sell into new market sectors.

Profile 22 integrated products also incorporate unique and proven labour saving features that can make significant impact on your productivity, saving time and money in the factory and on site.

Profile 22 at a glance:

  • British owned manufacturer of PVC-U profile.
  • Based in Telford in a 150,000 sq ft factory and customer support complex.
  • Working with windows since 1976.
  • 40,000 frames made using Profile 22 every week.
  • Part of the £180m Epwin Group.
  • Dedicated specification team and a nationwide network of manufacturers of high quality PVC-U windows and doors.

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